Dobermans are the only working dogs specifically bred for human companions and their master's protection.They are generally known to be great family dogs and protectors of their master's home. Dobermans have been used in multiple different ways, such as: therapy dogs, guide dogs, service dogs and even search and rescue dogs.

The temperament of these dogs is what allows them to be trusted with children, visitors, and even strangers. Friendly and sociable, Dobermans can also become aggresive when they sense their family or home is in danger. They are naturally attuned to their handlers emotions and needs which makes them an ideal dog for the family!

Dobermans are bred for human company and require attention for at least a few hours a day. Due to their unique breeding, these dogs are not meant to be isolated outdoors or confined to a kennel for long periods of time. These dogs are natural athletes and will need regular exercise, as like any other dog.

Dobermans are bred for companionship and protection. They play with children and protect the family. Take a look at some of our Dobermans!